2023 Parent Needs Assessment Survey

Parent Needs Assessment Survey

Please complete survey by March 31, 2023.

2021-2022 P-EBT Updated Information

  • You can access the flyer released by DCFS and found on the P-EBT site. The flyer contains information for parents in regards to the basics of the program. Benefits are issued with different parameters this year. 
  • ALL parents should have an account on the P-EBT portal. If not, they should be encouraged to create an account in the portal. The information that they need is contained within this portal, including a way to communicate any issues,  request a new card, check balances, new loads of benefits, etc.  P-EBT portal information
  • New funds, if any, will be loaded on the card previously issued to them. If they did not receive a card in the past, they will receive a card through the mail from DCFS. Funds will start to be uploaded in April.
  • Old funds (any unused) will be expunged from the system prior to new funds being loaded. If parents received a notification of such, they just need to use the card to purchase anything at all. It could be a very small amount, and they will still get the notification.


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